10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY!…Productive

I recently figured out (due to my daughter being diagnosed with borderline ADD) that I probably have it, too. My passion is writing, though. How do I go about re-structuring myself and life to do what I’m passionate about? This is the first article that kicked me in the pants. I’m grateful to this author for pointing the truth out. #2 and #8 definitely hit home (especially #2). I’m already working on #9 and 10. I’ve done #1 for a long time now. Granted, I lose those lists sometimes. lol As for friends, I’m working on finding some mean ones. lol First on the list before any of the others: gain my self-confidence back.What do you think about this article?

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Other writers frequently ask how I somehow manage to get a lot of stuff done, despite my having the attention span of a fruit fly…with a bad crack habit. Here are 10 ways to help you be productive even if OOH! SHINY!

…even if you tend to be a tad ADD. The following tips are what help ME stay focused. I am NOT a doctor or psychologist or ADD expert. I’m a Jedi master, warp engine inspector, and WRITER so you get what you get.

1. Make lists.

I get distracted easily, so a list reminds me of what I need to get accomplished. I make separate lists—housework, fiction, non-fiction, business stuff, global domination using sea monkeys. Then, once I have the list, I do the hardest thing on my writing and business lists FIRST (housework can WAIT).

Like Covey says, Never mistake the…

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