Gen 2 Heir Vote Posted

I’ve posted the new Gen 2 Heir/Heiress Vote on my other blog.  I’d prefer to have it all in one place, so I’m inserting the link below so you can vote.  😀  I appreciate those who follow my story and those who will vote for their favorite.  Haven’t read it?  No problem.  I’ve included a synopsis of each person with a picture.  This way, you can choose your favorite.

This is a wishacy, which is basically a legacy following the heir.  I write their story as it unfolds, so I do not plan ahead.  Therefore, it doesn’t really matter who you choose (though I do have a fav).  🙂

Again, thanks so much for voting!  I will end voting on 6/30/14 @ 11:59 pm EST.

Ramsey Wishacy Gen 2 Heir/Heiress Vote